2D, 3D . Mechanical Drawing Extraction Design

Concept of designing 2D and 3D mechanical drawings
Mechanical drawings, also known as technical drawings, are a product of the engineering industry. Technical drawing is a means of communication in engineering, it includes representations (such as projections, sections..), data clearly showing dimensions, technical requirements… Drawings. The technique is drawn according to a unified rule to represent the shape, texture, size, etc. of the object.

There are two common types of technical drawings that are 2D and 3D.

– Two-dimensional projection drawing (or 2D drawing): is the result of orthogonal projection (ie, projection perpendicular to the real object) in space down to the 2D plane.

– 3D drawing: is a drawing of objects presented in 3D space using parallel projection.

Classification of technical drawings
Part drawing: A separate drawing of each detail, often accompanied by an overall drawing. This drawing is used in fabrication, inspection, armoring and operation of machine parts.

Assembly drawing or structural drawing: Includes representations showing the shapes and structures of a group of parts or products and the data necessary for assembly and inspection. . It is mainly used in the design, manufacture and use of products.

Explosive drawing: Drawn in three-dimensional space with the parts disassembled and in the correct position ready to be assembled. It is intended to explain, advertise, and present to non-technical people.

Schema: A flat drawing consisting of simple symbols used to represent the operating principles of machines. Some popular schematic drawings such as: Machine principle structure diagram, electrodynamic circuit diagram, PLC control diagram…
The role of 2D, 3D . mechanical drawings

Mechanical drawings are likened to a guide with an extremely important role such as:

-Create quality products with high precision.

– Make the machining process easier and faster.

-After the product is completed, based on the mechanical drawing, the inspection and evaluation becomes simpler.

-Help consumers use products more safely and effectively.
Popular CAD design software

Solidworks software. Solidworks software interface.
Catia Software. Catia software interface.
Fusion 360 software. Fusion 360 software interface.
AutoCAD software. AutoCAD software interface.
Inventor software.
Creo Parametric software.
Onshape software.
Solid Edge software.

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